Discontinuation of SAP Financial Consolidation

The opportunities for your group reporting

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Maintenance of SAP Financial Consolidation ends on 31.12.2027

Set the course for your group reporting in good time. The introduction of a new solution can take between six months and almost two years, depending on the complexity of the accounting and reporting requirements. Minimise your risk and switch to the successor solution for SAP Financial Consolidation in good time and with sufficient lead time:

SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting

The new strategic solution SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting for consolidated financial statement preparation and group reporting integrates the following strengths of SAP Financial Consolidation, among others:

  • Intuitive definable booking logic
  • Automated and easily traceable consolidation processing
  • Wide range of data entry options from automatic integration to web-based data entry
  • Efficient mapping of alternative consolidations for simulations (e.g. in case of price changes, reorganisations)
  • Comprehensive reporting including automatic determination of key figures
With these conceptual similarities in sub-areas, Group Reporting from SAP is the ideal successor to SAP Financial Consolidation. To simplify the transition, SAP provides migration tools. However, these tools only enable the transfer of transaction data between SAP Financial Consolidation and Group Reporting. Since a transfer of the posting logic is not supported, comprehensive knowledge of SAP Financial Consolidation is mandatory for the migration to Group Reporting.

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Your opportunities by switching to a new group reporting system

With BCS/4HANA and BPC, SAP offers two more powerful products for consolidated financial statement preparation and group planning. These two products can also be a perfect option depending on your requirements. Thus, the software selection is of particular importance here.

See the change to a new solution for your group reporting as an opportunity and benefit from the technical advancement of these modern products such as:


  • Process optimisation to save costs and accelerate the preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Integration of internal and external accounting for a holistic view of the earnings, financial and asset situation
  • Digitisation and machine learning, for example, for intercompany reconciliation
  • Automation of accounting logic for efficient mapping of reorganisations and simulations
  • Informative and intuitive reports and dashboards for efficient analysis and communication of company performance

Take the initiative now - we will be happy to support you!

At CALEO, we focus on all SAP consolidation solutions - in addition to Group Reporting and Financial Consolidation, we have extensive knowledge of SAP BCS/4HANA and SAP BPC. Thanks to our more than twenty years of expertise and openness, we can determine the optimal product for your requirements in dialogue with you. By combining technological competence and business expertise, we translate the requirements of IT decision-makers and group accounting management alike into efficient concepts and solutions.

Take the opportunity to raise your group reporting and corporate management to a new level - we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to contribute to your success with our expertise!

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