More than an upgrade: BW/4HANA - an innovative data warehouse

Four conversion scenarios for the system change

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For modern reporting, it is important to use data from as many different sources as possible. To do this, the data must be standardised and made available at the right place for reporting. With BW/4HANA, SAP offers an innovative data warehouse that offers you completely new possibilities for your reporting and consolidation.

If you are still using SAP BW7.5 on HANA or another data warehouse, you should initiate the switch to BW/4HANA as soon as possible. This is because BW7.5 will no longer be developed further by SAP, and maintenance of the system will expire at the end of 2027. To avoid the risk of having to work with an outdated, no longer maintained data warehouse in a few years, the switch to the new version BW/4HANA is unavoidable. In addition, the new data warehouse also offers new, previously unknown possibilities for your financial reporting. The change is therefore more of an opportunity than a constraint.


The migration to BW/4HANA cannot be compared to the previous upgrades of the business warehouse versions - from NetWeaver 1.0 Business Intelligence to NetWeaver 7.5 Business Warehouse. Because with this latest data warehouse solution for on-premise, SAP makes a big cut and offers an innovative solution.




The advantages of BW/4HANA

  • Better performance: The entire toolset has been modernised and the old tress have been cut off. Everything that slows down the system has been thrown out.
  • Highly innovative: BW/4HANA presents itself as SAP's solution of the future.
  • Only on this system can you install further developments such as BCS/4HANA (Business Consolidation) or BPC4/HANA (Business Planning and Consolidation).
  • Simplified data orchestration, improved reporting: With the BCS/4HANA add-on, you calculate consolidated data dynamically on-the-fly (without temporary or permanent storage).
  • Powerful toolset for data administration: You can access certain points in time in the process chain and thus monitor the data orchestration.
  • Flexible data modelling: BW/4HANA provides extensive out-of-the-box functions; you can, for example, bring two source data together or apply filters directly to the database. In addition, BW/4HANA provides direct access to sources via software-defined access (SDA), so you can also perform data modelling directly on the database.
  • User-friendly framework: Fiori provides a simplified and personalisable application. For example, you can store content of your choice on tiles and easily find your way around thanks to uniform menu navigation.
  • Mobile compatibility: They are free to choose which device they work on.
  • Analyses in self-service: They create reports and do it themselves and are no longer dependent on IT support. This speeds up reporting.
  • Pervasive data connectivity: If required, stakeholders can have direct insight into the respective data source. In addition, BW(4HANA enables reporting based on text information

Four conversion scenarios for a successful changeover

There are four conversion scenarios for migration. Which conversion path is suitable for you depends on your requirements (existing hardware and software) and your objectives. We will advise you individually and provide you with full support during the migration process, which can be quite time-consuming.

  1. Greenfield conversion: Here we introduce BW/4HANA as data warehousing from scratch. All data must be reloaded from the existing source system and a completely new system line set up.
  2. Shell Conversion / Accelerated Greenfield: In this scenario, we set up BW/4HANA as a parallel system line. Delimited data models and selected data flows are transferred specifically, but the data is only taken from the source system and not transferred.
  3. Remote conversion: Here, too, we set up BW/4HANA in parallel and select specific data flows for the migration. However, the data and entire sub-areas of the BW predecessor version are transferred through SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).
  4. In-place conversion: This conversion avoids the parallel operation of two systems and represents a complete system conversion. We migrate the complete existing BW system. The existing BW installation including all objects, data and add-ons is converted to BW/4HANA, all objects and add-ons that are not required are deleted in advance.


If you have been working with SAP BW7.5 on HANA until now, BW/4HANA is the ideal follow-up solution. As the maintenance for BW7.5 will already expire in a few years and this is not a system upgrade but a system change, time is gradually running out. You will be rewarded for the greater effort involved in the migration with a user-friendly, powerful system that simplifies, improves and accelerates your reporting.

Our offer

If you are interested in BW/4HANA and would like to learn more about the possible applications, differences and requirements, we will be happy to support you with professional and technical expertise.

As a first step, we recommend a goal-setting workshop in which the cornerstones of a target scenario are developed.

Take the opportunity to raise your group reporting and corporate management to a new level - we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to contribute to your success with our expertise!

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